Parenting, Custody and Guardianship


We can help you work out the care arrangements for your children when you separate and in recording the arrangements in a parenting and guardianship agreement.
If agreement is not possible we can assist you  with legal advise (FLAS), referrals to Parenting through Separation programmes and Family Dispute Service (FDR) mediation. If necessary we can assist in  making applications to the Court and to assist you through the Family Court process including the appointment of lawyer for the children, mediation, psychological reports and hearings.



Usually both parents are legal guardians of children.
Sometimes parents are unable to reach decisions about important matters like schooling or relocation (when one parent wants to move, either to a different area in New Zealand or overseas). We can assist with advice about all guardianship matters.


CYFS issues

We can advise you of your rights if CYFS has taken or is about to take your children into custody, or if you need advice about children in your family who may be at risk. We can also seek the return of your children on your behalf or seek to resolve issues with contact.
If you are caring for a child through CYFS, we can help you with applications for permanency orders and any other legal or Court issues that arise.



There are various reasons why you may need to find out the identity of a child’s father. We can help you to arrange DNA tests and, if necessary, take steps to have the other parent recorded on the birth certificate through application to the Court.