Domestic Violence


We specialise in helping to get Court orders for the protection of adults and children from domestic violence. If you think you need a protection order against someone who has used physical, sexual or psychological abuse (eg harassment) against you, please contact us now to discuss your options.

Protection orders under the Domestic Violence Act 1995 can be made to protect people in domestic relationships. Temporary protection orders can be obtained urgently (“without notice”) if the applicant is at risk of harm or if delay would cause undue hardship.


Our experienced lawyers will represent you and give you advice about Court appearances or hearings and what happens if a protection order is breached. We will give you information about occupation, tenancy and furniture orders, and the confidential support programmes available free of charge through the Family Court to help adults and children deal with the effects of family violence.


If you need protection against a non-family member who is harassing you, a restraining order may assist. We can tell you all about restraining orders, including the process for getting one. If you decide that you need a restraining order, we will prepare the application to the District Court and represent you throughout the process.