We can assist you if you are separating from your partner.
You are legally separated when you indicate to the other party your wish to separate and to live apart. A dissolution commonly called divorce is applied for when you have been living apart for two years. New Zealand is a no fault divorce system. A court application is required and you can do this yourself, however if you want us to complete the forms for you we can arrange for the preparation and filing of the application and supporting documents. One issue which often arises is  formally serving your ex-partner we are happy to assist with this process.


Interim Financial arrangements

Separation can be a difficult time; there is a lot to resolve. Whether you come to see us to get information before you separate or afterwards, we can help with advising you of your
rights or helping you make arrangements. Child support, state benefits, spousal maintenance and mortgage payments all need to be worked through. We can discuss options with you and give you guidance, ideas, support and representation as you need it.


Dividing Property

At some point property will have to be divided between you. Usually this is an equal division but there are some important exceptions to this. We can advise you about the likely division under the Property (Relationships) Act 1976. We can assist you through the negotiation process to work towards a fair deal.
Most relationship property divisions are resolved through agreement but we can also assist with Court proceedings if required.